British Holidays Specialty area of Travel Escapes

British Holidays Specialty area of Travel Escapes

Travel Escapes provides customized professional travel arrangements and care for you and your travel needs.  We are located in Westerville, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) serving clients throughout Central Ohio and the United States.  We are uncommonly motivated and attentive in providing you with a seamless travel experience. Each of our Travel Consultants has extensive travel training, personal travel experience and years of coordinating travel plans to destinations worldwide on all types of budgets. We will exceed your expectations. Browse through our website to see how.



Welcome to Travel Escapes!

Travel Escapes has been in business and serving Central Ohio for over 25 years. We consider ourselves to be your personal travel concierge service.

We are committed to a Gold Standard of Services for Our Clients.  We offer speedy, effective responses to all your questions and requests for information on trip planning, destinations, travel tips and other important travel information.  Our agency’s profession and courteous staff are well trained, engage extensively in travel site inspections and are passionate about providing you with the best possible vacation travel experience.
We follow the Golden Rule of Client Relations. We treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. You are valued and of utmost importance to us. We endeavor to listen closely to what you tell us, and we are committed to being responsive. We take your concerns and questions seriously and pay close attention to your feedback after your travel experience is complete.
Travel Escapes features Gold Medal Suppliers. We recommend and use only the most trusted and highest quality travel suppliers, hotels and tour operators. Our commitment to experienced, tested, “preferred suppliers” allows you to be assured of the highest quality trip; responsive to your needs. We do not recommend any supplier that we would not personally use ourselves.
Travel Escape Consultants look forward to helping you plan and execute your travel experiences of a lifetime! Thank you for visiting our website and please do not hesitate to contact us (phone, email, Facebook.com/travelescapes) if you have any questions.


I know it’s a trip she’ll treasure her whole life!

The King Family“We’ve booked both our  honeymoon to England and our family’s Disney vacation with Travel Escapes.  It was so easy to just pick up the phone and talk to Karen and tell her what kind of trip we were looking for and the budget we had.  She did all the research and gave us plenty of options from which to choose.  She did all the booking, calling and arranging.  All we needed to do was show up at the airport!  Our honeymoon through London and the south of England was the trip of a lifetime and our Disney adventure with our daughter Madison could not have been more fun or gone more smoothly; I know it’s a trip she’ll treasure her whole life!  I don’t think we’ll ever arrange travel on our own; not when someone like Karen and Travel Escapes can do it so easily, efficiently and perfectly!”

– The King Family


When everything seems to be “self-serve”, from bagging your own groceries to pumping your own gasoline, wouldn’t it be nice for someone with experience and knowledge be able to do something for you for a change?  Find out what makes using a Travel Escapes Consultant to arrange your trip convenient and easy!

Trained To Be the Best
Today’s Travel Escapes Consultants are professionals, trained in specific destinations and types of travel.  A Travel Escapes Consultant:

  • Spends years of their own time and money researching destinations and types of travel
  • Attends travel supplier seminars and classes to enrich our knowledge of travel trends
  • Travels to destinations to review resorts, accommodations, tours and package options you want and need
  • Stays current with those secret “special pricing offers”, but also with world events, weather, and travel trends and advice
  • Chooses travel partners (package wholesalers) who are reputable, reliable, and financially sound to help ensure
  • your travel arrangements are all you expect them to be

Service Above and Beyond

Our job is to help you in all aspects of your travel needs.  Specifically, we:

  • Understand your desires,  budget, and travel needs
  • Analyze all the travel possibilities to find the best options for you and the goals of your trip
  • Review the options with you in details and answer your questions and suggestions
  • Make all the travel arrangements on your behalf for transportation,  travel, lodging, food, activities and more
  • Prepare you a personalized travel package that provides everything you’ll need for your trip right at your fingertips
  • Are available to talk to during your trip – should you encounter a problem or have any questions or concerns

A Word of Caution
Most online travel reservation companies in their “fine print” that they are not responsible, and neither are the travel companies they represent – hotel, airlines, car rental – for any problems you may encounter. Therefore if you have problems with a trip that you booked on the Internet – those companies offer no assistance to you to make it right and you have no recourse.

Here at Travel Escapes, our Consultants are professionals serving your every travel need and desire – backed by their personal training, vast experience, knowledge and expertise. We are able to offer you the personal attention and professional expertise to make sure you have the best options in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest.